Quick Program Summary

The ToolBank lends tools to charitable organizations that prove charitable intent. Tools may be borrowed for up to eight weeks. The use of ToolBank equipment for personal benefit is prohibited. All visitation to the ToolBank is by appointment only.

Following successful online registration with their local ToolBank, the charitable organization becomes a ToolBank Member Agency. To obtain tools, a Member Agency representative submits their tool order online no less than two business days from the time they wish to pick up the tools.

The Member Agency pays a Tool Handling Fee, calculated by the following formula:

Total retail value of borrowed tools X number of weeks borrowed x 3%

The Member Agency must return the borrowed tools before the due date, or incur late fees at 6% per week (double the tool handling fee). The Member Agency may extend the borrowing period, with consent from ToolBank staff. A Member Agency with overdue tools or unpaid fees may not borrow additional tools from the ToolBank, until all balances are brought to zero and all unreturned tools are accounted for.

Following a completed tool transaction, the Member Agency is asked to complete a 3-question survey, anonymously evaluating their experience at their ToolBank. The questions provide a continuous improvement opportunity for the ToolBank, and inform staff on what tools are needed in the tool inventory. Program excellence is achieved through superior customer service.

Mission Statement

“The ToolBank stewards an inventory of tools for lending to charitable organizations to increase the impact of their mission-related efforts in the community.”

Vision Statement

The ToolBank strives to be the premier tool lending resource, serving all charitable organizations in its metropolitan area.

Values Statement

The ToolBank achieves its mission and vision through:

Tool Stewardship – we will assertively steward ToolBank resources so as to maintain inventory value, promote long-term viability, and ensure responsible usage and care of the tools by the borrower.

Superior Customer Service – we will be accessible, professional, communicate clearly and execute with excellence and accuracy so as to exceed the expectations of all member agencies, volunteers, donors and visitors.

Accountability - we are committed to demonstrating integrity with resources, finances, and relationships with the expectation that member agencies, volunteers, network affiliates, and donors will do same.

Community Strengthening – we will act collaboratively to ensure the best interest of the community, its members, and the national ToolBank USA affiliate network to strengthen the ToolBank brand and mission.

The Value of the ToolBank Network

The Baltimore Community ToolBank is a valued member of the national ToolBank network. Each ToolBank is represented by a local board of directors, and sustained largely by generous donors from their local community. Each ToolBank strives not only to exemplify nonprofit excellence through tool lending, but to elevate the ToolBank knowledge base by actively sharing resources with other ToolBanks. This commitment might manifest itself through the gifting of tools from one ToolBank to another, sharing innovative practices in tool racking, or providing a live training arena for new ToolBank staff members. Each ToolBank is committed to elevating the national ToolBank brand, right in its own hometown.

The ToolBank network is actively cultivated by a national parent organization. ToolBank USA regards each ToolBank and the ToolBank network itself as its clients, and ToolBank USA staff strives to model the customer service, accountability, and professionalism expected from every ToolBank staffer and director. ToolBank USA leverages the growing footprint of the ToolBank network for the benefit of all ToolBanks. Examples of ToolBank USA’s current scaling benefits for each ToolBank include website hosting, email and Microsoft Exchange administration, tool tracking platform development, fundraising counsel, online peer forums, and more – all at no cost to the local ToolBank. These value-added resources reduce costs, increase impact, and ultimately allow for better service at each ToolBank.

Both layers of the ToolBank network – local and national – embody a commitment to excellence in service, with the hopes of empowering volunteers everywhere through Tools for Change.